Swim Workout

Swim Workout
By Stephanie McEnery

Swimming is a great way to get fit and workout your entire body. If you already know how to swim find a local pool and follow the workout located below.

For the experienced swimmer:
All workouts are counted in meters.

Workout 1 – If you’re getting back into the pool after taking some time off and want to boost cardio and build muscle. This is a 1000m workout. It can be doubled for more of a challenge.

200 free – easy
100 pull
100 free – hard
50 kick (flutter kick, or whip kick)
200 free
100 pull
200 free
50 kick
200 free – easy

If you are familiar with swimming but you’re not a freestyle champion start out slow and follow these instructions to perfect your strokes. “Free” or “free style” is swimming lingo for front crawl. Watch the video below to see an example.

Here are some key things to remember when swimming front crawl or free style

• Keep your fingers together, not apart. If fingers are apart your arms won’t pull you through the water nearly as fast.
• Flutter kick must be continuous; a lot of people take a pause in kicking when they breathe. This is slow you down and won’t be as effective.
• Blow bubbles. After drawing a breath in and putting your face back in the water, make sure to blow out as much of your air in the water before taking the next breath.
• Breathing should occur on every third stroke.
• The head should remain pointed facedown, with the nose pointed toward the bottom of the pool. When taking a breath roll head to the side so ear is resting on the arm.
• Breaths should be taken quickly and arm movements should continue.

Image courtesy swimming.about.com/.../Freestyle-Underwater.htm

Image courtesy swimming.about.com/.../Freestyle-Underwater.htm

If swimming seems like a foreign idea and you’re not quite sure if it’s for you try taking swimming lessons. Many people are intimidated by the idea of taking adult swimming lessons, but it is a fun way to get in shape and learn a new skill. Most pools offer adult swimming lessons and your instructor can tailor a program to suit your needs. Call around to your local pools and see what they have to offer


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