Race Season Training

Race Season Training
By Stephanie McEnery

The Season is Upon Us. Race season that is. With the weather getting nicer each day it’s time to stop hibernating and start gearing up for spring time race events. Running, biking and triathlons are all great ways to stay in shape and have fun throughout the spring and summer. Looking forward to participating in any one of these activities can also keep you motivated while you slug away in the gym or slip and slide down icy sidewalks.

The first step is finding a suitable event. Here is what to look for:

  • Distance. How many kilometers can you run/bike/swim right now? How long will you have to prepare for the race?
  • Location. Are you prepared to travel? How far?
  • Gear. Do you have the necessary equipment to participate? Can you afford to buy a bike? What type: road or mountain? Running shoes are an easy purchase as is a swim suit if you’re opting to do a tri.
  • Date. Make sure you’ll be available on race day and will have ample time to prepare and get in shape before hand. It would be ideal to have a friend who isn’t racing accompany you, have them drive you home after the race in case you sustain an injury, intense muscle cramping, or most likely are just plain old tired!Once you’ve considered all of these details it’s time to pick your poison. To find the race that suits your needs start with google. Searching the internet is the easiest and fastest way to find an event. Here are some great options in the Burlington-Hamilton-Oakville area.
  • Around the Bay Road Race. The 30k is currently full, but the 5k race is still available. This is North America’s oldest road race.
  • Binbrook Triathlon/Duathlon & Give-it-aTri. HSBC series race. http://www.multisportcanada.com/ms/events/showEvent.cfm?showEventID=66
  • Toronto Island Triathlon Weekend. Another HSBC series race.

    Once you’ve picked the race, it’s time for the tough stuff. TRAINING! If you’re going to be doing a triathlon you have a lot more training to take on than if you’ve chosen a run or bike.

    The best source for information is a personal trainer. Paying for numerous personal training sessions doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget, but paying for a single session to have a workout plan designed for you can be very beneficial. If you’ve stayed consistently in shape and have raced before you should be fine on your own. If this will be your first race talking to a professional, especially someone who has triathlon experience can make your training less confusing and more effective.

    Consulting websites is also a great way to find workout plans and learn more about the sport. Figuring out common pit falls of training, possible injuries, and signs of over training are a must for any of the three sports.

    Websites dedicated to triathlon training provide a wealth of knowledge about all three sports.

  • Beginner Triathlete http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/
  • Manitoba Triathlon Training http://www.triathlon.mb.ca/training.htm
  • Ontario Woman’s Triathlon Series http://www.womenstriathlon.com/There are several great opportunities in Burlington-Hamilton-Oakville area for training. Many recreation clubs offer triathlon training. The Swim Academy in Oakville has a program dedicated to training for the swim portion of a tri. The Oakville, Hamilton and Burlington YMCA’s all host similar programs that focus on training for each leg of a triathlon.
  • The Swim Academy http://www.oakvilleswimacademy.com/whatsnew/triathlontraining.html
  • YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington http://www.ymcahb.on.ca/pro-20-he-bu-he.cfmIf joining a club isn’t for you get outside and practice. Each city has a long stretch of trails with some hills and stairs that are perfect for prepping for a tri or running or biking event.
  • http://www.oakvilletrails.ca/
  • http://www.myhamilton.ca/myhamilton/ArtsSportsAndRecreation/outdoor/Trails.htm

    Other links : Oakvile Cycling Club http://www.oakvillecc.com/
    The Running Room http://www.runningroom.com/hm/
    HSBC Triathlon Series http://www.multisportcanada.com/ms/events/race_schedule.cfm

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