An A+ For Vitamin C

Growing up, most of us were privy to the phrase “take your vitamin!”
Lucky for children, these are marketed in delicious candy-like Flintstones shapes so as to hide the fact that they’re actually good for your body.

Flintstones Vitamins

Flintstones Vitamins-Courtesy

But despite the fact that parents push these pseudo-candies on their children, a lot of people don’t know much about the benefits of vitamins.


One of the most popular and beneficial of these is Vitamin C.
A simple pill that can help treat colds and keep us healthy.

Scientists have most recently discovered that it does this by acting as a natural antihistamine. In fact, it may aid those of us who suffer from allergies for that exact reason as well.

But that’s not all it does.
That paper cut on your finger? Vitamin C can help heal it faster. Research has found it helps heal all types of wounds from cuts to broken bones or even burns.

This little orange pill also holds antioxidant properties, which can prevent cancer. By supporting the immune system and preventing cancer-causing compounds from forming in the body, Vitamin C acts as your own personal army against cancer.

Your eyes will thank you for taking it as well.
Vitamin C helps prevents cataracts, which can lead to blindness.
When the eye is exposed to a lot of sunlight, the lens takes in free radicals. When there’s enough Vitamin C in your system, it counteracts the free radicals, therefore protecting the eye from damage.

A similar situation comes into play in the artery walls. When free radicals form, it can lead to plaque formation, which in turn leads to heart disease.

Last but certainly not least, diabetics are another group who can benefit greatly from the vitamin. Its’ nutrients help regulate blood sugar levels. Since insulin helps vitamin C get into cells, people with diabetes are often lacking enough of it.

Such a simple way to keep your body healthy and happy shouldn’t be ignored.
If you’d like to add more Vitamin C into your daily regime, here are some foods containing to look for;

-Oranges -Broccoli
-Strawberries -Red Pepper
-Mango -Grapefruit
-Tomato -Papaya
-Cauliflower -Raspberries
-Spinach -Melons
-Brussel Sprouts -Lemon/Limes


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